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Theme: Video Game Theme Songs

I'm so, so sorry! I missed two rotations, and I'll probably miss Sunday's too. x_x; I haven't been feeling well, my parents turned off the internet for a day, &c.

Annika - Song of Mana
[Legend of Mana: Track 4 | Genre: Pop | Language: Swedish]
This is the theme song for Legend of Mana, which I've never played... but this song is incredible!! The instrumentals feel adventurous and are perfectly complemented by Annika's powerful yet beautiful vocals. Highly recommended!

Angela Aki - Eyes On Me
[Kokoro no Senshi: Track 4 | Genre: J-pop/Acoustic | Language: English]
This is the theme song for my absolute favorite game, Final Fantasy VIII!... well, sort of. It's actually a cover of the original theme song by Faye Wong. I definitely prefer the original version, but Angela Aki's cover is fantastic nevertheless -- it just doesn't capture the spirit of FFVIII, in my opinion. Angela Aki has a great voice (probably better than Faye Wong's, but I guess that's subjective) and masterfully reworks Eyes On Me into a piano piece infused with a bit of pop.

Nana Mizuki - Mirai Kono Hoshi De
[Natsuiro no Sunadokei Sound Collection: Track 31 | Genre: J-pop | Language: Japanese]
This is the ending theme for the bishoujo game Hourglass of Summer (Natsuiro no Sunadokei) - which you all ought to play! - and is sung by Kaho's voice actress. The mp3 is fairly rare and took me weeks to track down, so if you're gonna listen to it, you'd best do it right now. Anyway, I love this song, especially the chorus! It has a very "anime" feel to it, but that's not a bad thing in this case.

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